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Mother Jones interactive exposés and politics
On the Right by William F. Buckley, Jr.
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Charity helping the underprivileged in India make donations online shop for charity

OneLook Dictionaries convert metric to English
IPL: The Internet Public Library
Project Gutenberg classic books online
Encyberpedia - Biography, People and Places definitions for technical terms
Webopedia more tech terms
The Whole Wired Word: No. 1
Great American Speeches from PBS
Google Groups Usenet newsgroup power search private site for grammar advice
Alta Vista's Babel Fish free online translation service
Press Access info on editors, publications, and PR opportunities out-of-print books another out-of-print books site self-help law center

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Experts Exchange learn from others online and earn points by giving advice yourself more expert advice free question and answer service
Mount Kolias tutorials to help in everyday life

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NJ Classifieds find a roommate! NY apartment guide
The Better Business Bureau
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Career Path improved searching of major newspaper classifieds
HireMinds job resource for media pros
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New Media Salaries best analysis of web salaries that I've seen, PDF file is here
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Web Design Pricing and Salary Info
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Scoring a Pay Raise
Salary Survey & Search
IT Staffing Salary Tracker
1998 InfoWorld Compensation Survey
New Media Association of NJ

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THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Internet
      the easiest way to access official info bills and laws
      (tons better than the House and Senate sites)
Vote Smart Web guide to American politics, candidates & parties
League of Women Voters of NJ
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
White House Sex Scandal cartoon list
AdBusters TV Turnoff Week "advertising is a part of every culture"

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Joseph Pulitzer Papers
Journalism in the Spanish-American War